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Alexander Lamont’s New Riverside Gallery

Alexander Lamont’s new Bangkok Gallery is located in a traditional shophouse building at Warehouse 30 on Bangkok’s Riverside. The Gallery provides a tranquil space where you can view the furniture and lighting collections on the second floor, and take your time to browse among the soulful, handcrafted gifts and accessories in the downstairs gallery.

Inside at the entrance level, an intimate and inviting space is curated for visitors looking for beautiful gifts, personal goods and decorative objects. Signature pieces fresh from Alexander Lamont’s Bangkok Studio can be found here alongside a display of Alexander Lamont’s accessory and gift collections. All are made by hand combining the traditional craft skills and precious natural materials that the brand is renowned for. Upstairs the Gallery offers a tranquil space where Alexander Lamont’s furniture, lighting, wall art, and wall panels are on view in a showroom designed for homeowners, interior designers, and architects in search of the best contemporary design and handcrafted quality available in Thailand.

This new gallery is a living embodiment of the essence and values of Alexander Lamont, connecting the dots between Alexander’s personal journey and the history of the brand he founded in Bangkok 21 years ago. Since Alexander’s first visit to Bangkok in 1981, it was the river Chao Phraya that filled him with the greatest sense of the city’s history, beauty, and energy. It is the area of Bangkok where Alexander got married, where he would bring his family for Sunday walks around Chinatown, and where he always takes visitors when they come to stay in Bangkok. Most importantly it is where the British-born, Bangkok-based designer goes to feel rejuvenated in a city that has become increasingly busy, fast-paced, and forward-looking.

“Objects have power: they connect us to our most intimate selves and to the people, places, stories and memories of our lives.” 

Alexander Lamont
Alexander Lamont, the founder & and designer of ‘Alexander Lamont’

Stepping into the new era and a new space; the brand founder and designer, Alexander Lamont shared his thought on his new Bangkok Showroom and his business vision into the near future.

Q: According to the ‘new normal’ and ‘transformation’ period we are going through (due to the pandemic aftershock); how did the pandemic affect your business? And how did you cope with it?

A: The pandemic caused numerous ’scares’ for all companies that resulted in new ways of working while protecting our staff. The worst early difficulty was the loss of local retail sales. While a small part of overall sales, the drop led us to close our stores and really focus on our export markets where we had strong relationships with our representatives and where, after the initial months of global lockdowns, we saw a growing momentum of sales. With all the time that people were spending at home rather than on holidays etc., improving their private spaces became a new priority. Interior designers, furniture makers, and anyone involved with the home sector reported huge demand and by the end of 2021, we saw our strongest sales year to date. 

The pandemic has also driven us to focus much more on a digital sales strategy resulting in the launch of a new website.

In 2021, we decided that we still wanted a showcase of the work we were doing in our home country so we looked for a space that was outside the ‘global brands’ feeling of malls – somewhere very ‘Bangkok’. Few people would argue that the Chao Phraya, Charoen Krung, and Chinatown are the most authentic areas in the city in terms of atmosphere and character. I don’t know anyone who goes for an enjoyable walk along Sukhumvit Road or Thonglor. We were lucky to find a perfect space in the Warehouse30, beside the river and alongside other creative companies such as PTendercool, Aurum Gallery, ATTA Gallery, and nearby ATT19.

After 20 years in Bangkok, it is a wonderful change to have our own front door right onto the street and windows with views over trees and historic buildings. As a European, I am very happy being out of the malls and in a small shop with nice neighbours doing complimentary things. 


Q: What can we expect to see this ‘transformation’ in ‘Alexander Lamont’ if there will be any of it?

A: In this showroom, people can definitely expect a stronger presentation of original designs in beautiful materials than ever before. Anyone who has watched the evolution of the company will have seen us take on some very special skills and materials. This will develop in the new store and there will be more and more work with artisans across Asia as we are able to return to travel. Some examples of these new areas are porcelain, shell carving, more woven work, always more lacquer work, and perhaps some leather items – alongside limited-editions and one-offs that are the best artistic work we can do in techniques that will never lend themselves to larger production. 

Q: What is your post-pandemic plan for ‘Alexander Lamont’?

A: We have many plans under-way, in terms of new staff, new designs, new collections and improvements to our production location. People are the most important asset we have by far – the company is built on a truly great team of managers, designers, and artisans. Finding smart and committed people and then keeping them, is the foundation of all good companies and what makes exceptional things possible. In the meantime, we are monitoring what is happening in the greater design world.

With both Paris Deco-Off and Milan postponed once again this year we are looking to 2023 for our next collection launch.

Alexander Lamont’s new Bangkok Gallery is part of the exciting Warehouse 30 project: century-old warehouses sit alongside original deco buildings and new concepts. Warehouse 30 has long been at the heart of Bangkok’s Creative District that runs along the riverside Talat Noi area and is home to Bangkok’s most renowned art galleries and important design resources such as the TCDC building on Charoen Krung Road. It is also home to events such as Bangkok Design Week and Galleries Night.

Address: 60/1 Soi Charoenkrung Soi 30 Bangkok 10500 (In front of Warehouse 30)

Tel: +66 (0) 2233 4968  Email: [email protected]


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