ART, DESIGN & CULTUREARTEXHIBITION: ‘Cities Around Us’ by Adriana Méndez

EXHIBITION: ‘Cities Around Us’ by Adriana Méndez

A new solo show by the Mexican artist and architect runs from today until November 28 at River City Bangkok.

River City Bangkok is delighted to announce “Cities Around Us,” a solo exhibition by Mexican artist and architect Adriana Méndez, who spent time during the pandemic painting some of her favourite cities around the world.

“During these times, we have all been kept in our cities, without being able to travel like we used to. We have learned to look through our windows and appreciate what we have around us,”Méndez says. “Some are lucky to live in a house with a garden or in a small town, but some of us are kept inside a building in a medium or large city, such as my hometown, Mexico City, which has 20 million people and is the fifth most inhabited city in the world after Tokyo, New Delhi, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.”

From “Cities Around Us” by AdrianaMéndez
From “Cities Around Us” by AdrianaMéndez

Méndez has lived in Lisbon, Madrid, Ankara, Oslo, Lima, Santiago and Washington DC, and now calls Bangkok home. As an architect, she admires Thai culture and architecture, as well as Thai landscapes and sunsets.

“In my work, you will see urban landscapes from Bangkok and far away cities—including the sunsets, streets and cities seen from above as architectural plans,” she says.

From “Cities Around Us” by AdrianaMéndez

The show runs from today until Nov. 28 in Room 249, 250 on the 2nd floor of River City Bangkok. Tel: 02 237 0077.

“Cities Around Us” by AdrianaMéndez

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