ART, DESIGN & CULTUREEXHIBITION: Individual Minds Individual Signs

EXHIBITION: Individual Minds Individual Signs

Multi-artist show at River City Bangkok runs through the end of September.

River City Bangkok presents Individual Minds Individual Signs by Willows Art Hall. This group exhibition features artists with distinctive styles, varied thoughts and individual points of view on their inner, outer and spiritual worlds. Willows Art Hall presents works by these well-known artists at reasonable prices. The group hopes the exhibition will help promote Thai artists to collectors here and around the world.

Individual Minds Individual Signs

From now until the end of September, the artists’ works will be shown on rotation, with a new stable of artists presented each month. 

List of artists in July: Vasan Sitthiket, Muangthai Busamaro, Gumsak Atipiboonsin, Matikorn Yurata, Panida Pimpilawan, Tor Traisorat, Kari Wright and Billy Chavalitt.

By Matikorn Yurata

“Individual Minds Individual Signs” is free to enter and view. The gallery is open daily from 11am until 8pm, with strict health and hygiene measures in response to COVID-19.

By Muangthai Busamaro

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