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La Lanta Presents ‘Spring Culture’

The solo show features vibrant and colourful works of embroidery by award-winning female Thai artist Nilraya Bundasak.

La Lanta Fine Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by the award-winning female Thai artist Nilraya Bundasak. The show is titled “Spring Culture.”

“Spring Culture” highlights the vibrant local Thai traditions that celebrate major events in one’s life. Get-togethers involving family, friends, neighbours and the community to witness and participate in these event—and to support one another—are common in every culture in the world.

Sart Duen Sip, Nakhon Si Thammarat, threads on fabric, 140 x150 cm

Born and raised in Thailand’s northeastern region, Nilraya experienced the beauty of its festivities and the bonds they create.  She has also travelled to different parts of the country to observe other celebrations in accordance with local tradition and culture. These rituals are part of our heritage and will be passed on to future generations.

Nilraya depicts a snapshot of these convivial moments using the unconventional medium of embroidery, instead of painting or photography. With her talents in needle work, Nilraya uses various sizes of thread with a vibrant colour palette to record what she sees onto a piece of fabric. Symbolically, the threads also represent her connection and bond with the place and the joy she experienced through these festivities.

“Spring Culture” will be on display from Oct. 23 until Dec. 18. The exhibition can also be viewed at 

Thai Folk Dancer, threads on fabric, 50 x 85 cm

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