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Let’s Sweat (at Home)!

Life in Thailand is suddenly looking much brighter with the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines and the easing of lockdowns, but many of us remain bunkered at home, either out of lingering fears… or habit… or maybe because we’ve found we enjoy our new, quieter lifestyles.

Either way, I’m sure we can all agree that we love waking up a bit later and not having to fight through Bangkok traffic to get to the office or the gym. If you’re like me, you might have discovered that you actually enjoy exercising at home, too, especially with all of the world-class yoga and movement teachers on YouTube—nearly all of whose workouts are absolutely FREE.

Here are some of my favourite online teachers and channels that I’ve “trained with” in the past year:

Tara Stiles, Yoga for Healing

Tara Stiles inspires viewers with short and practical yoga videos. These 10- to 15-minute sessions can help set your mood for the day. And there’s more: Tara also regularly shares some of her favourite healthy food recipes—perfect for those of us who are trying to embrace holistic healthy living.

Danielle Peazer

If you have more time on your hands, why not roll out your mat and get energetic with Danielle Peazer? The English professional dancer and model combines dance and other movement exercises in energetic 30-minute video sessions, many of them tailored for developing specific parts of your body, such as your abs, bum and more. You’ll quickly understand how she got her stunning six-pack abs.

Boho Beautiful Yoga

Juliana Spicoluk sets her inspirational yoga videos against beautiful natural backdrops, including beaches, mountains, waterfalls, lakes and even the snow. With soft background music, she guides viewers through a calm, grounded and inspirational yoga practice. She also now offers a 14-day yoga and meditation journey—ideally suited for anyone interested in adopting more mindfulness into their routine.

Alo Yoga

Among the many talented teachers leading mindful movement classes on Alo Yoga’s channel is Briohny Smyth, who found fame in Thailand as a teenage singer in the 1990s. The site features sessions ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, and are designed for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners. This is also one of my favourite channels for discovering chic yoga outfits.

Yoga with Kasandra

Kasandra Reinhardt offers a series of mostly 10-minute videos ranging in style from Vinyasa to Power, Hatha, Yin and others. Her recent Morning Yoga Movement sessions include new 10-minute yoga videos every morning for 30 days. She’s absolutely worth checking out.

Body Groove

There’s so much to love with this fun and unconventional way to work out. The best thing about Body Groove is that there are no rules. Misty Tripoli, who created the channel, leads viewers through basic choreography set to energetic music. Then it’s up to you to make each move your own. If you want to try something different (and fun!), this channel is for you.

Bebe Fit Routine

For those of you looking for something closer to home, Thai fitness trainer Bebe offers 15- to 30-minute intense cardio routines on YouTube. She speaks in Thai and gives tons of positive energy as she pushes you through intense workouts. Some of these exercises require equipment like balls and jump ropes, which you can order through her web site if you wish.

Jutarat Skulpichetrat spent more than a decade working as a TV news producer, covering stories in Thailand and across Southeast Asia. She is a mother of two, and in her precious free time she enjoys yoga, cooking and her latest hobby, knitting.

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