Ministry of Crab: Keep Calm and Crab On

The creator and co-owner of Ministry of Crab, Chef Dharshan Munidasa launches Thai mud crabs at the Ministry.

World-class chef, creator and co-owner of the Ministry Of Crab, Chef Dharshan Munidasa returns, post-COVID-19 to introduce and celebrate the wild Mud Crabs of Thailand. These amazing crustaceans are available in the market ranging from 500g up to 900g – and come from the mangroves of Samut Songkhram. The bigger-sized crabs, ranging from 900g to the mammoth 2kg ‘Crabzilla’ will be sourced as usual from the mangroves of Sri Lanka. The provenance and integrity of ingredients are the DNA of the Ministry of Crab and these magnificent culinary gems showcase that.

The co-owners of Ministry of Crab, Bangkok – Ms.Chandini and Chef Dharshan

The Sri Lankan Mud Crab claimed global fame when it was exported to Singapore and was used in creating one of their national dishes – The Chili Crab. Unlike many countries that export crabs overseas, Sri Lankan crabs are known to be full of sweetmeat. The Thai mud crabs are also sweet and delicious and are the perfect counterpart for the Sri Lankan Crab on the restaurant’s menu. Prices start from 800 THB for ½ kilo Thai mud crabs – depending on the size of the crab and where it is sourced from.

Prepared in a variety of signature preparations from the fiery Pepper sauce to the mouthwatering Garlic Chili sauce, these crustaceans are a favourite amongst diners, locally and globally. The restaurant prides itself in serving crab that is wild-caught and promises only the best catch of the day – that means no small or meatless crab, with uneven or missing claws.

“The respect for ingredients is paramount in my kitchen and we have a strict no-freezer policy and serve all our seafood in its freshest form.”

Chef Dharshan Munidasa
The mud crabs are cooked in the signature fiery Pepper sauce or mouthwatering Garlic Chili sauce.

Crustacean fans can enjoy Ministry of Crab’s signature dishes like Pepper Crab, in which the fresh crab is fused with the heat of hand-crushed peppercorns, whole peppercorns and pepper stock. Garlic Chilli Crab is a Ministry of Crab original that sees Mediterranean and Japanese food philosophies meet Sri Lankan crab through a blend of Italian olive oil, garlic, Sri Lankan chilli flakes and Japanese soy sauce.

Try the Clay Pot Prawn Curry for half a kilo of two varieties of prawns served in a medley of delicate spices with cubed bread to mop up all the flavours.

Creativity shines when it comes to dessert—order the Coconut Crème Brûlée, a tropical island twist on a French classic that’s baked to perfection in a coconut shell.

Clay Pot Prawn Curry with cubed bread
Coconut Crème Brûlée

With its focus on world-famous seafood and signature Sri Lankan spices, the Ministry of Crab will offer an authentic taste that both appeases and surprises Thai palates. Diners should expect a steadfast dedication to top-quality crustaceans, with no compromises on size or quality. Based on a culinary ethos that celebrates the Legendary Sri Lankan Mud Crab and Majestic Freshwater Prawn, the Ministry also serves other seafood such as Clams and Oysters at their outlet located at Sukhumvit Soi 31.

Ministry of Crab, Bangkok:

Located in Sam-ed Building, Sukhumvit 31

The restaurant is open for dinner from Tuesday-Sunday 12:30pm-11pm with last orders at 9pm.

For Reservations:


Tel: 098-598-6554

Email: [email protected]

FB: ministryofcrabbangkok

IG: ministryofcrab.bkk

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