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Number 1 Gallery Presents ‘The Opera of Metafiction’

“We are allowed to be free to imagine, aren’t we?” The artist Thanarit Thipwaree asks this open-ended question in his third solo exhibition at Number 1 Gallery, “The Opera of Metafiction,” which runs from Feb. 6-21.

Thanarit emphasises perspectives and creativity in response to Albert Einstein, for example, who once said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” The artist suggests that knowledge is the basis of imagination as well. In addition, Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory suggested that every dream comes from our subconscious mind, where it accumulates and recomposes stories based on reality. Moreover, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato described a world of form in which god or nature is the creator of all things.

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In the paintings that comprise “The Opera of Metafiction,” Thanarit draws from popular art books, such as “The Story of Art” and  “Visit the Louvre,” and uses classic works to assemble compositions, diffusions, reductions, overlays, and resized and flipped images. Gauguin’s Postcard Book, for instance, seeks to motivate audiences to appreciate the aesthetics alongside viewers’ imaginations and ideas about creativity.

Thanarit Thipwaree is an associate professor in the Painting department at Silpakorn University. He holds bachelor and master’s degrees from the same institution. His previous exhibits include “Twin 27: The Other Side of Identity,” “Maya” and “Human Being.”

For more information on “The Opera of Metafiction” contact Tattiwa Thongsuk Tel. (083) 120 5220 or Nutta Reanmora Tel. (092) 508 3111, (02) 630 2523. Or visit the gallery online:

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