FAMILYPerfect Indoor Kids Activities to Beat the Summer Heat

Perfect Indoor Kids Activities to Beat the Summer Heat

With temperatures rising, schools closed for the summer holidays, and the ever-looming threat of PM2.5 air pollution, parents in Bangkok are bracing for some long weeks ahead in April. Trapped at home with kids bouncing off the walls isn’t anyone’s idea of an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. But that doesn’t mean summer fun is out of the question.

Here are some perfect indoor activities specially tailored for kids. They’ll stimulate their creative little brains—and with any luck burn off some of their excess energy!

Chefu Town

This cooking school for kids aged 3 to 10 years old features special themes for each session, from “Lion Cupcakes” to “Shark Quesadillas.” Children will learn how to prepare their own food and decorate it with cute and edible materials. They can even bring their delicious creations home to share with the whole family. Chefu Town also offers a popular DIY cupcake set if you want to have your own decorating session at home.

Yummy cupcakes at Chefu Town.

Siam Serpentarium

At this edu-tainment museum, children move through an interactive forest and learn all about the hissing and slithering of nature’s limbless carnivorous reptiles, including how they are born, survive and reproduce. Siam Serpentarium’s snake farm showcases a live anaconda, a rare Golden Cobra, a colourful python and much more—all waiting to thrill. The museum also stages a breathtaking naga show that will keep visitors on the edge of their seat.

Get up close and personal with big snakes at Siam Serpentarium.

Kids Cinema

Want to take your kids to a movie but worry they’ll spoil the show for everyone else? Why not check out the Kids Cinema at Major Cineplex. While the movie is showing, kids can watch from a giant ball pit in front of the screen or coast down the plastic slide inside the theatre. Kids Cinema adjusts the environment to make it more suitable for children. The lights are 30 percent brighter and the audio is 20 percent lower than standard movie theatres. Suitable for kids 5-12 years old and not more than 120 cm in height. Kids Cinema can be found at Icon Siam, EmQuartier and elsewhere.

A perfect place to hide from the heat. Good luck getting your kids out of the ball pit.


The largest indoor playground in Asia offers a variety of equipment suitable for kids of all ages. From ball pits to miniature bicycles, trampolines and endless opportunities for climbing, HarborLand promises a delightful experience for the whole family. The (relatively) recently opened Langsuan branch, at Sindhorn Midtown, is ideally geared toward smaller children. HarborLand features more than 10 locations throughout Bangkok and they’re also in Korat, Chonburi and Udontani.

HarborLand is a safe and fun spot for kids to explore.


No screaming children in this doctor’s office! At KidZania’s interactive learning and entertainment centre, children can explore cities and discover exciting occupations, including firefighters, doctors, pilots, flight attendants and more. There are more than 100 careers showcased here, spread across 7,000 square metres. Children will have fun learning through realistic role-play and lifelike settings; suitable for kids aged 7–14 years old.

Kids learn about medicine and other careers at KidZania.

Jutarat Skulpichetrat spent more than a decade working as a TV news producer, covering stories in Thailand and across Southeast Asia. She is a mother of two, and in her precious free time she enjoys yoga, cooking and her latest hobby, knitting.

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