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Ruay Mitr Boiled Rice: Tasty New Brand from Supanniga Group

The new Ruay Mitr Boiled Rice offers authentic, flavourful dishes reminiscent of some of Bangkok’s best-loved street stalls.

Ruay Mitr Boiled Rice, a new brand in the ever-popular Supanniga Group, offers easy and comforting food for everyone. The Group has been focused on regional Thai cuisine with reputable brands like Supanniga Eating Room, Somtum Der and Sood Kua by Supanniga. The Michelin Guide has spotlighted Supanniga Eating Room and Somtum Der for four consecutive years.

Now, Supanniga Group has introduced an exciting new concept lovable to all: boiled rice with authentic, flavourful side dishes. These familiar tastes are just like the ones offered at long-established street stalls. Boiled rice is a comfort dish that Chinese migrants brought to Thailand. Its soothing quality makes it a perfect meal any time of day. Boiled rice can be enjoyed as often, since it can be paired with countless options. Creativity and the use of high-quality ingredients, two aspects that are key identities of Supanniga Group, are vital to Ruay Mitr.

Ruay Mitr Boiled Rice

The name is coined between “ruay,” which means prosper, and “mitr,” which means friends. Supanniga Group was formed by friends more than a decade ago. It is also a journey of an amicable friendship with the Group’s customers, those who love its foods, visit often, and have become their friends. Hence, Ruay Mitr stands for the abundance of friends they have made along their culinary journey. Also, there is no better way to enjoy a meal of boiled rice than gathering around with friends and trying as many side dishes as possible.

Ruay Mitr Boiled Rice uses Thai-Chinese cooking techniques to create staple boiled rice stall side dishes, like minced pork wok-fried with salted olive, pickled cabbage spicy salad with salted egg, duck soup with pickled lime, century egg with holy basil, and clams wok-fried with chilli paste. All dishes are amplified by the use of specially selected premium ingredients. Ruam Mitr uses extra large clams straight from the ocean through Krabi province. Its century eggs are made from chemical-free golden eggs from Chiang Rai.

Ruay Mitr Boiled Rice
Ruay Mitr Boiled Rice

All stir-fried dishes are made from original Chinese cooking methods using high heat to add the savoury aroma of the hot wok. Ruam Mitr takes a long time with its soup dishes, simmering the meat at low heat, including in its duck soup, which uses high-quality duck leg and simmers it until the meat is super tender.

Alongside must-have dishes in street stalls, Ruay Mitr has also created creative and fun dishes like golden century egg wrapped with minced pork and salted egg, minced shrimp and pork deep-fried with lemongrass, dried squid wok-fried with egg, and fried duck leg with garlic and pepper. All dishes are available at friendly prices, ranging from 120-250 baht, which allows diners to enjoy the food as often as they like. Guests can order dishes a la carte or as a set for one person, with boiled rice or steamed rice and three side dishes for 185 baht.

Try Ruay Mitr Boiled Rice and experience for yourself these flavourful boiled rice Thai-Chinese side dishes. Ruay Mitr Boiled Rice is available for dine-in at Supanniga Eating Room Thonglor, where the Ruay Mitr Pop-up Floor will soon be launched, and for delivery through Lineman, GrabFood, Robinhood and Supanniga Group’s LINE OA @supannigagroup.

Ruay Mitr Boiled Rice

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