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SHAKEN & STIRRED: Giuseppe Carneli’s “Think Twice” at Lennon’s

The bar manager shares one of his favourite whiskey concoctions from the nostalgic but contemporary speakeasy at Rosewood Bangkok.

Giuseppe Carneli began his hospitality industry journey at age 17 in Italy. He started as a kitchen porter and arduously climbed his way up to become a recognised figure in the bar industry, with eventual posts in England, Malta, Vietnam, Myanmar and now Thailand. The manager of the stylish speakeasy Lennon’s at Rosewood Bangkok, Giuseppe is re-imagining a drinks menu inspired by songs and musical eras from around the world.

With Rosewood Bangkok temporarily closed due to the pandemic, local cocktail lovers have no choice but to experience the place vicariously. “Think Twice” showcases the endless options of cocktail ingredients. The drink is a simple whiskey sour, made more interesting through its use of everyday wasted items. Banana peels, for instance, are rarely consumed. The majority of people don’t know the banana’s flavour comes from its skin. By baking it, we extract the sugar content and help extract the flavour too. Lately, Giuseppe has focused on creating drinks with a lower environmental impact. Giving a second life to scraps is one way to start.

Giuseppe Carneli, bar manager at Lennon’s at Rosewood Bangkok, introduces his cocktail “Think Twice.”

Think Twice


45ml Bourbon-infused banana peels

10ml Amaro Averna

15ml Avocado seed orgeat

25ml Lemon juice


To create bourbon-infused banana peels:

-200gr Banana peels

-700gr Bourbon

Bake banana peels for 15 minutes at 150 C or until entirely brown, coarsely chop them, add them to a ziplock bag. Add whiskey and sous vide for four hours at 90 C.

Once the cooking time is over, strain through a coffee filter and bottle.

To create avocado seed orgeat:

Chop avocado seeds, place them into a bowl and add water. Let sit for 30 minutes.

Run the mixture through a slow juicer, mix the leftover pulp with the juice, and let sit for 30 more minutes.

Strain the obtained milk with a super-bag, weigh the yield and add the same amount of sugar. Mix slowly with no heat, and put in a bottle.

How to mix:

Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, fill it up with the best ice you can afford, and shake it as hard as you can for a short period. You want to emulsify the ingredients to get a “fluffy” texture. Then enjoy!

Rosewood Bangkok (the hotel is temporarily closed due to the pandemic)


1041/38 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan Bangkok, 10330, Thailand

Tel: 0 2080 0088

Email: [email protected]

“Think Twice” at Lennon’s at Rosewood Bangkok.
Giuseppe Carneli behind the bar at Lennon’s.

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