TRAVELTRIPSTrang: An Ode to the Mangrove Forests

Trang: An Ode to the Mangrove Forests

Traveling down to Trang Province on the Andaman coast, we discover hidden beaches, pristine islands and lush mangrove forests.

Khao Jom Pah (เขาจมป่า) – On top of the mangrove forest: It took a few days to reach here because nearby villagers told us it was dangerous to climb the mountain after the rain. But it was worth the sweat.
Mangrove tunnels in Sikao, Trang
Pak Meng, Trang – Called “rainforests by the sea,” mangroves cover one-quarter of the world’s tropical coastlines. In Trang province, mangroves such as this are an important interface between land and sea. They are important defenders of the ocean and marine environment.
Mangrove Roads – In these water landscapes of southern Thailand, long-tail boats are the best way to travel from place to place.
Long-tail boat, morning light
The heart-shaped island in the mangroves
Morning Traffic in Sikao, Trang: Local roads are tranquil and serene.
Caveman – Long before we learned to build houses, caves were our primary dwellings. At Yong Ling Beach, there are other caves in Trang besides Emerald Cave. We discovered Yong Ling Beach and its cave, which resembles a giant crack in the limestone mountain that opens to the ocean.
Koh Kradan – When the clouds are more interesting than the beach.
Koh Kradan – Micro Landscapes
Japanese Moss Garden: On the west side of Kradan Island, an unexpected surprise, a verdant moss-like covered rock garden appears on the beach in low tide.
Koh Mook – At the tip of a sandy iceberg
Koh Mook – When beaches resemble lunar landscapes
Starfish Enterprise


  • Trang is a province on Thailand’s Andaman Sea coast, and contains some of the country’s most inviting beach scenery, with spectacular cliff landscapes and beautiful mangrove forests.
  • Trang has fine sandy beaches and several beautiful offshore islands such as Koh Sukon, Mu Koh Phetra National Park, Hat Chao Mai National Park, Koh Kradan, Koh Mook, Koh Libong, and Koh Ngai.
  • In Thailand, mangrove forests are found in 23 provinces on the coastline. Almost 50% of these are in Trang and the four neighbouring provinces.
  • Mangrove forests in Trang are found in Sikao and Kantang districts.

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Very palmy here in Amphoe Sikao. Trang and other southern provinces grow the most palm trees in Thailand. I was surprised to learn how much palm oil is found in our everyday products. It is the most used vegetable oil in the world.

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