A Seasonal Spa Journey

A new spa treatment at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok is designed to take guests on a journey of the European cycle of four seasons. This massage, available exclusively at Kempinski The Spa, draws inspiration from spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each cycle within the treatment aims to synchronise the guest’s mental and physical states. Importantly, the spa’s therapists assess the precise requirements of each guest before selecting the appropriate treatment.

At Kempinski The Spa, the spa therapist conducts a thorough assessment of each guest’s body type before giving them important clues about their inherent seasonal type. The therapist is then able to customise a guest’s treatment.

“Our therapists are trained to a very high degree by an experienced trainer and consultant from a world-class spa, Resense Spa. They are extremely skilful and able to customise each treatment to ensure that guests receive the maximum benefit. In many cases, the end result far exceeds the guest’s expectations,” says Supreeya Samrej, Manager at Kempinski The Spa.

Kempinski The Spa

The Spring treatment activates the lymphatic system by using a dry brush with the massage. This treatment helps blood circulation and makes guests feel fresh and enthusiastic.

The Summer treatment is suitable for guests feeling stressed and suffering from sunburn. The massage, with warm hands and a cold stone, releases the mind and leads to a deeper sense of relaxation from the head throughout the body.

The Autumn treatment suits those suffering from stress, exhaustion and insomnia, and creates flexibility of the joints by using a slower-paced massage with firm pressure and special focus on the head, neck and shoulders.

The Winter treatment is designed in particular for sportsmen and sportswomen with tension, body aches and pains, and a lack of energy during the working day. The heavier-pressure massage warms up the body to release tension in the muscles and limbs, improving blood circulation and boosting energy levels. The treatment includes a foot wrap for approximately 30 minutes.

Kempinski The Spa is located on the 8th floor of the Garden Wing at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok and is open daily from 11am-9pm. The 90-minute Seasonal Massage is priced at THB 3,950++ per person.

For more information, please visit the hotel’s website at To make a reservation, call Kempinski The Spa at +662 162 9000 or email [email protected]

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